General Concept


Nowadays, medicine can be divided into 2 main streams. One is the Newtonian medicine which stresses on the material compartment of human body. Sickness means the body being disturbed by the external source like bacterial or viral infection, trauma, allergen, carcinogen etc. This branch of medicine relies on allopathic medicine for treatment.

The other one is Einsteinian medicine which visualizes human body as the composition and balance of body and energy compartment. Sickness occurs from the unbalance of such 2 compartment. Some kinds of homeopathic remedy which has similar vibrational configuration and frequency with the pathological one may heal the disease. Thanks to the wisdom of Dr.Samual Hanimann who had this much modernized outlook since 200 years ago and had established this arts and science of homeopathy for the benefit of mankind.

Balavi does have homeopathy treatment either as the classical form, or combination with other natural medicine or as homotoxicologic treatment.

Homeopathy is quite effective in the following health problems:

- allergy, asthma
- skin problems
- head ache
- sleeplessness
- dyspepsia and some other bowel problems
- menstruation problems


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