General treatment concept

Vitamins and supplements

Vitamins and minerals are micro-nutrients which are very important nowadays while people have no time to do their own cooking. Eating the well prepared or half prepared food from “food center” is the main factor for the “modern time malnutrition”. It is not the protein calories malnutrition as before, but we have the “sub normal” level of vitamins and mineral supply to scavenge “free radicals”, the main cause of degenerative diseases.  In the long run, people in modern society are at the stage of “semi health”. That is to say, they all look being well, seem to be not at the stage of bed ridden, but hardly to say that they are healthy.  More than half of “seem to be healthy” person have got one of the degenerative diseases: obesity, hypercholesterolemia, hypertension, DM., degenerative joint, auto-immune diseases, sleeplessness or even cancer. 

Changing one’s diet is the most important factor to cope with these non-communicable diseases. Thousands of researches proved that fruits and vegetables are main supply of vitamins, mineral, phyto-nutrients, enzymes including vital energy for the consumer.  Five portions of fruits and vegetables are recommended. But for people who were lack of proper diet for years, taking these amount may not be enough to have an abrupt healing. On the other hand, modern life style forces the working people to end up at the fast food corner.  Hence, vitamin and food supplements come to be the answer. Even though there is a fact that we human being can extract or synthesize these supplements at a few hundreds kind, whereas there are in nature, carotene of 600 kinds, flavonoids of 4,000 kinds, phyto-nutrients of 10,000 kinds. 

By Balavi concept, in order to be healthy one should turn to eat natural food in everyday life. But once we get sick, instead of taking drug, eat vitamins and supplements which are the concentrated form of food . With a bolus of such concentrated food, may we can cope with the nutrients deficiency and turn back our health. 

Herbal treatment

Thailand is a tropical country. We have plenty of biological diversification in our rain forest. Thousands of years that our ancestor had accumulated experiences to survive from sicknesses. That is Thai national wisdom of using Thai herbs for medical treatment.  Thai traditional medicine, Thai herbal remedies had been developed by decades of medical services and medical researches to find the objective results.  Balavi, as a group of medical doctors, is one of the forefront alternative medical centers which always try to find out ,follow up and select the reliable herbal remedies for the treatment of many ailments.

Vitamins, mineral and herbal treatment experiences

30 years experiences on alternative medicine, Balavi got so many regimens of treating diseases:

-regimen to treat acute and chronic respiratory infection
-regimen to treat allergy, asthma and allergic skin rash
-regimen to treat anxiety and sleeplessness
-regimen to treat joint pain
-regimen to treat auto-immune diseases like rheumatoid, osteoarthritis, gout
-regimen to treat pre-menopausal syndrome
-regimen to treat cancer


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