General Concept

Diet Counseling & Fasting for Health

People, living in the modern society nowadays, more than 70% are getting sick. Even though they are not bed reddened. They still go to work every day, run about from shopping malls to golf courses, from home to social gathering while taking drugs of many kinds 3-4 times a day. Yes, they are just “half-healthy” persons. They have one or two sickness of the following diseases: obesity, hyper-cholesterolemia, hypertension, heart disease, DM., chronic fatigue syndrome, migraine, sleeplessness or even cancer.

The motto of 30 years ago “taking 5 food group makes you healthy” is not real anymore. The last 2 decades people are facing a new group of diseases, the degenerative disease or non communicable diseases (NCD.). This group of diseases cannot be cured by taking drugs, but taking “functional food” is proved to be essential. The main point of functional food is not just taking vitamins or food supplement. Changing one own diet is the principle of taking functional food.

Balavi encourage people to change one own lifestyle on 3 conceptual healthy gateways: eating proper diet according to each individual health problem, physical work out, calm down the mind. These processes can be called as “body & mind detoxification”. Accompany with this healthy gateway, one may have 2 others add on for “supreme health”: bio energy treatment and cell therapy for anti-aging.

Doctors at Balavi may give diet counseling for each individual. One may do it herself at home and come for follow up as an OPD case, or one may join in the 1-10 days “Detoxification program”.

Balavi has many formulas for diet treatment like:

- fasting for health for losing weight and rejuvenation,
- detox-diet for allergy and auto-immune
- diabetic diet
- yin & yang enhancing diet
- Anti-cancer diet.

They have been formulated into delicious cuisine. Our doctor will guide you to take your own diet, while one may visit our restaurant “Balavi kitchen” for such diet. You may take home for your beloved one, or even make a phone call for “home delivery”. One who join Balavi health course may have attain a cooking class too.


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