General Concept

Colon Detoxification

There are 5 ways of detoxification:

- Eat to detoxify
- Fasting to detoxify
- Colon cleansing to detoxify
- Prana detoxification
- Concentration to the destruction of cankers.


In the modern medical point of view, toxic substance may be:

- Oxidized LDL cholesterol which can occlude blood vessels.
- Over flooded blood sugar which will turn to aldehyde and react with body protein become Schiff base. This substance is toxic to tiny blood vessels nerve and body cells.
- Complex antigen-antibody substances which can start the allergic reaction.
- Protein waste of death cells from inflammatory reaction when we get infection, trauma or even from death tissue in the heart core of cancer mass. Chemotherapy and radiotherapy also produce great amount of death cells debris.
- A group of toxic substances called free radicals are end products of oxidation. We get these substances from the food we eat i.e.: deep fired meat, repeated use of vegetable oil, food additives, preservatives, hormone and antibiotics used as growth promoter in industrialized farm, pesticides used in chemical grown fruit and vegetables.
- Toxic substances occurred in the large bowel after the fermentation of over eating meat and fat.

Healthy Liver, Colon Cleaned

There are 3 major ways to clean colon:

- Training a good bowel habit.
- High colon cleansing with lukewarm water
- Colon enema with some substances like: coffee or herbs.

Along with colon detoxification naturopathy encourage healthy eating, fasting for health, qigong and yoga training for prana detoxification, meditation is also needed. Practicing a complete process of naturopathy one can lead a happy peaceful life.

Indication for Colon Detoxification

Over eating of meat, fat, well polished flour, low fiber diet leads to bad bowel habit and accumulation of toxins. The following ailments are related to colon health and colon detoxification can heal.

Gastrointestinal diseases

- Constipation
- Irritable bowel syndrome
- Colitis
- Indigestion
- Foul smell breathing
- Coated tongue and mouth ulcers

Immunological diseases

- Allergic rhinitis
- Asthma
- Dermatitis and urticaria
- Low immunity
- Autoimmune diseases i.e. rheumatoid arthritis, SLE

Degenerative diseases

- Wrinkle
- Degenerative joint pain

Psychological disorder

- Stress
- Insomnia
- Psycho-physiologic disorder

High Colon Cleansing

High colon cleansing is a way to clean large bowel using large amount of water 5 gallon. The lukewarm water flow from rectum, sigmoid, descending colon, transverse to ascending colon. That old fecal mass, fermented sticky food stuff which adheres to the inner wall of colon can slough off and pass out.


The process needs equipment called colon cleansing machine available in some prominent natural health centers. The colon machine compose of a comfortable cushion to lie on, a 5 gallons temperature adjustable tank, water drainage pipe, special designed disposable rectal nozzle with one way valve letting water flow into rectum not allowing back flow, consol seat, clear viewing drainage tube receipting salvage substances to flow through.


High colon cleansing can be done at anytime, no need to fast or taking any laxative. It takes only 30-40 minutes to finish all the following processes: physical exam by medical doctor, changing to gown, sit down on the cushion, rectal nozzle put in the rectum gentrily, water flow in, abdominal massage, let it pass out.

Keep attention the pass out substances, clotted fecalith or row of slimy debris reflex the owner’s eating habit and warn him to change the lifestyle.


Don’t do high colon cleansing in: severe hypertension or hypotensive patient, ischemic heart, renal failure, electrolyte imbalance patients. Cancer patient can be detoxified by coffee enema instead, to prevent lost of potassium salt from high cleansing. Don’t do in colostomy; gut obstructive patients. Children ant pregnant woman are prohibited. Extreme old age may be too weak to do high cleansing.

Coffee Enema

Coffee enema is a comfortable way for colon detoxification. It is a self-help process to be combined with fasting, qigong, yoga and meditation training to obtain a supreme health of body and mind.


Equipment for coffee enema is quite simple: a pot, robber drainage tube, a rectal nozzle. It can be purchased from the natural health center.


1. Preparing coffee solution. Choose the natural coffee, instant coffee without additive can do. Put 1 table spoon of instant coffee into 750-1,000 ml. of lukewarm water. Mix them up.

2. Position and the pot. Lie on the back, up raise the knee, spread the leg. The pot should be place higher to the body not more than 3 feet. Baht tub is a good place to do this job.

3. Enema. Lubricate the anal opening with KY jelly by the finger tip deep in the anal canal. Put the nozzle in gentrily. Let go the coffee solution until finish. Breath deeply moves one’s hand on the belly counter clockwise to retard the sense of urging to defecate.

4. Hold the sphincter. Remove the rectal nozzle. Lie on the right side to allow the coffee solution flow through the 5 parts of colon thoroughly. Hold it for 5-10 minutes then let it go in the toilet.

Detox mechanism

Coffee enema works through 3 mechanisms: get rid of fecalith, direct diffusion of toxins to the solution in the bowel, the absorbsion of coffee via the portal hepatic vein activates the liver detox function.

Specific indication

Besides all ailments mentioned in the previous chapter, some diseases or symptoms have good responds to coffee enema i.e. allergic rhinitis, asthma, dermatitis, migraine, tension headache, nausea vomiting, fever from cancer, some side effects from radio and chemotherapy.

Coffee enema can be applied to the following regimens.

• Health promotion. For healthy person who expect the supreme health do as following:

- Fasting for health 10 days with fruit and vegetable fasting at the first start
- High colon cleansing with colon machine during the 10 days fast
- Fasting for health 1 day every week
- Coffee enema every other days

• Treatment common diseases. Some ailments mentioned in the previous chapter can be treated as following:

- Fasting for health 10 days with fruit and vegetable fasting at the first start
- High colon cleansing with colon machine during the 10 days fast
- Fasting for health 1 day every week
- Coffee enema every other days

Along with some natural remedies like: acupuncture, vitamin supplement, Qigong, yoga and meditation. Good result can be expected in 3-6 months.

Treating cancer. Cancer can be treated as a complimentary way.

- Anticancer diet
- Coffee enema 1 time/day. Fever in cancer patient can be reduced by coffee enema
- Maintain the normal bowel function early every morning
- High colon cleansing is not encourage in cancer patient, in order to prevent potassium lost
- Aerobic exercise at 60% maximum heart rate, qigong, yoga, meditation and herbal sauna should be combined.


Don’t do coffee enema in: patient with colostomy, severe hypertension, severe heart disease, children, pregnant woman, very old age or debilitating person


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