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Pioneer on Holistic Medicine

Dr.Banchob and Dr.Lalita graduated from Ramathibodi Medical School, Thailand in 1973 and got a full course of acupuncture at the Institute of Chinese Medicine, Dongzhimen –Beijing. Afterward they founded a first clinic in Bangkok combining Western medicine and acupuncture in 1978. The more they practiced the more they realized the philosophy of natural health –We are what we eat, we are what we do and we are what we think. So the practice in their natural clinic had to blend more and more arts and sciences of Eastern and Western medicine altogether.

They learned more on vitamin therapy, detoxification by fasting, colon cleanse, Panchakam, Thai traditional medicine and the modern researches on herbal medicines. They practiced Yoga, Qigong, Dharma Light practicing, subconscious training and meditation. They did comparative studies on hydrotherapy and Thai herbal steam bath, floor aerobics and hydro-aerobics. Finally Balavi, the pioneer on Holistic Medicine Center in Thailand with many modes of alternative medicine came into being.

Health Writers, Medical Host for TV Program

Years of practicing natural medicine, they both felt that the best way leading people to the supreme health was not, passively, treating a patient one by one. But educating people to live properly was the best way. Dr.Banchob and Dr.Lalita turned to be health writers. They had their Natural Health column in many popular magazines, and being interviewed very often on the topic of Detoxification in several television and radio broadcasting programs. Finally their own Natural Medicine program on UBC7 cable TV was on air. Both doctors were moderators. It got the highest rank in popularity amongst the talk-show programs ever broadcast on UBC cable TV. Now they have programs on TNN2 channel 8, h+ channel cable TV. Another program called “Self Sufficient Medicine” is on-air in free TV Channel 11(the education channel) for Thai people. This program, correspond to the “Self Sufficient Economy” of His Majesty the King, is the co-operation between Balavi and Sukhothai Thamathiraj University.

30 years passed both doctors has also written over 100 books on Natural Health distributed over the country. Their books share 30% of health books market in Thailand

Co-founders of the Thai Centenarian Club

Both doctors were also co-founder of the Thai Centenarian Club which ideology was to encourage people leading a healthy life to the centenarian. It was a public society gathering Thai health prominent and health oriented persons announced health warning to the public in any important event ever occurred. Their campaigning Thai people to take brown rice, Thai food, quit from drinking cow milk and avoid taking food additive especially MSG were quite fruitful.

Academic & Social status of Balavi

Through decades of hard working on Natural Medicine, both doctors and Balavi gained academic and social status.

Committee of Thailand National Research Council

On 2002-2004, Dr.Banchob had been invited to attain as a committee of Medical Science in the “National Research Council of Thailand”, also as an evaluating committee for the annual research award of “National Researcher”. He was a committee of Human Research on Thai Traditional and Alternative Medicine, Ministry of Public Health at the same period.

National and International Conference and Meeting

At the 3th International Congress on Traditional Medicine, Nov. 2004, Beijing, China, Dr.Banchob had presented a paper of “Natural Holistic Treatment –Non Drug Approach for DM Type 2 (NIDDM).

Dr.Banchob was invited as a guess speaker for the “First International Thai Conference on Intrigative Management of Cancer-Worldwide experience” on March, 2005. Also being a guess lecturer for the 3rd and 4th Seminar on Alternative Medicine for Holistic Cancer Care, hold by the Department of Developing Thai Traditional and Alternative Medicine, Ministry of Public Health on 2006 and 2007.

Model of Holistic Center

Balavi became famous as a model of holistic medicine center under control of medical doctors. There were many health corporations, both governmental and private sectors, visited Balavi for studying or exchanging experiences on alternative treatment for cancer and many other degenerative diseases very often.

Those organizations are as following:

Governmental organization

- Faculty of Medicine, Mahasarakam U.
- Department of Altern. Med., Ministry of Pub. H.
- Med. Stud. Org., Faculty of Med, Siriraj H., Mahidol U.
- Med. Stud. Org., Faculty of Medicine, Ramathibodi, Mahidol U.
- Ministry of Pub. Health of India
- Royal Navy Nursing College
- Noparat Vajira Nursing College
- Ratchaburi Nursing College
- Dep. of Thai Traditional Med., Srisaket Prov. Hosp.
- 5th Health Cent., Health Prom. Hosp., Chiangrai Prachanukroh
- Office of Pub. H., Nakornrajasima Province
- Institute of Ratchapat U., Burirum Province
- Office of Pub. H., Chiangmai Province
- Office of Pub. H., Ratchaburi Province
- Hatyai Provincial Hosp.
- etc.

Private sector

- Kluaynamtai Hospital
- Suvannabum Hospital
- the International Women’s Club (IWC)
- Taiwan Tourism Corporation
- The Authority of Tourism Thailand and the Seven Sea Magazine, Japan
- etc.

Guess Lecturer

Dr.Banchob, Dr.Lalita and Balavi medical staffs are also famous and being invited to give lecture at some universities and governmental corporations, such as:

Governmental organization

- Department of Altern. Med., Ministry of Public Health
- Faculty of Medicine, Mahasarakam U.
- Faculty of Medicine, Chulalongkorn U.
- Faculty of Pharmacy, Chulalongkorn U.
- Department of Health Service Support, Ministry of Public Health
- Surin Provincial Hosp.
- Chonburi Provincial Hosp.
- Prapokkrao Chantaburi Provincial Hosp.
- Suprasitprasong, Ubonratchathani Hosp.
- Maharaj, Nakornsrithamarat Provincial Hosp.
- Prapokklao Nursing College
- Office of Facilitating Education, Thamasat U.
- College of Medical Technology and Sanitation, Institute of Praboromratchachanok
- Service Center for Network of Faculty of Dentistry Health Promotion
- Education Command Center, Office of National Police of Thailand
- etc.

Private sector

- Foundation of Thai Traditional Medicine
- Foundation of Media for Development
- Thai Centenarian Club
- Electrical Production Organization of Thailand
- Thai Petrochemical Industry Co., Ltd.
- Rotary Club Preonchid, BKK
- Bangkok Bank
- Kasikorn Thai Bank
- etc.


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